National MS Strategy Board  

This group of national leaders, has been hand selected to share ideas, raise awareness for MS and keep in touch as friends for life.

Maggie McCartney - Grand Valley State University  / Elementary Education
                                 Maggie is an incredible leader with "zest for life."

Dianna Palmer - Palmer Service, Inc / Keeps the business running smooth
                           Dianna is always here for me as a friend
                           Daughter Crystina is a proud MS Scholarship Foundation recipient

Mary Bagazinski - Grand Valley State University / French Linguistics
                             Working on her Masters Degree
                             Mary is an outstanding leader, team player and enthusiatic about our 
                             national MS Scholarship Foundation and our unique awards

Cara J. Braman, RN, BSN, CENA 
                           Grand Valley State University
                           Bachelors of Science in Health Science Degree / April 2007
                           Ferris State University / May 4, 2012

Donna Ryan - Liquidation consultant with a strong retail management background
                      Loves to write and decorate
                      Donna is one of the most passionate supporters of our work with MS
                      She is an incredible leader and we are proud to have Donna join us

Emily Mohney - Emily is a graduate of Grand Valley State University's Physical Therapy
                         program in 2013.  She currently works as a physical therapist in multiple

                         settings through Agility Health and Spectrum. Her primary focus is
                         working with the geriatric population.  Emily's interests include
                         neurological physical therapy with research performed with the MS
                         She also enjoys playing volleyball and running local races.
                         My wife, Mary, and I met Emily when Mary was enrolled in a research
                         project at Grand Valley State University for MS.  Emily's brilliant
                         personality, passion for her field and gentle care for all of us shined
                         through. Emily is an incredible leader!

Alexandra "Alex" Beachnau - Alex is a graduate of Kenowa Hills High School.
                                               Graduating in 2015 from Michigan State University
                                               with a degree in Nutritional Sciences, specializing
                                               in Health Promotions.
                                               Next stop is optometry school.
                                               Alex loves watching the Detroit Tigers and playing
                                               I met Alex when she worked at Biggby Coffee.
                                               Her brilliant personality, her love of our work with MS
                                               and our unique awards to give
back to our
                                               students, and her incredible leadership skills is
                                               what makes Alex shine.  We are honored to have you
                                               join us!