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National MS Scholarship Program

"The MS "Never Give Up" Foundation is true to its word.  It's raisng money for research and increasing awareness to bring an end to MS.  Until then, they will never give up."
Emily Mohney - Doctor of Physical Therapy
Grand Rapids, MI

"This is by far one of the most amazing foundations I have heard of.  The Foundation has given students a great scholarship opportunity and is something much more than that, it's a great way of showing awareness.  I have great faith that this will continue.  You can count me in for anything to help the Mary J. Szczepanski "Never Give Up" MS Scholarship Foundation.
Jackie Villegas - Grand Rapids Community College student 2009/2010
Mary J. Szczepanski MS Scholarship Foundation - National manager

"The Mary J. Szczepanski "Never Give Up" MS Scholarship Foundation gives the opportunity for not only high school students, but now college students as well to take a stand and fight MS. Mr. Szczepanski is one of the most passionate and driven people I've met and truly cares about this cause.  I'm honored to work with him and to be a part of this team and this foundation."
Holli Dolci Sweedyk - Grand Rapids Community College alumni
                                Grand Valley State University student - 2009 - 2012

“On behalf of Grand Valley State University I want to express our total support for the Mary J. Szczepanski “Never Give Up” Scholarship.  We are extremely pleased to be involved and hope that this unique scholarship program will benefit many future students seeking a higher education.”

“Grand Valley would be most pleased to have others in our community join our students, the students at the participating high schools, and others in joining Rick Szczepanski to help end the devastating effects of MS.”

Kenneth Fridsma – Director of Financial Aid (retired)

Grand Valley State University


“What a wonderful legacy Mary has inspired. There is no doubt that the friends and family of Mary Szczepanski who are so passionate about finding a way to fight MS will one day celebrate together.”

James Gillette - Superintendent (retired)
Kenowa Hills Public Schools


“We will continue to support and help Rick and Mary in every way we can. Conscientious, dedicated and just plain sweet people.”

Health, Love & Music.

Marlene & Billy VerPlanck - World renowned singer and composer duo


"The Mary J. Szczepanski Scholarship is a wonerdul opportunity to not only help a good cause but better oneself in the same deed.  The faith of multitudes is enhanced by this legacy."
Diana Tesmer (formerly Diana Schuelke)
2001 Recipient of the Mary J. Szczepanski Scholarship
Software engineer at General Motors
Graduate student at the University of Michigan


“The Mary J. Szczepanski MS Scholarship Program is a tremendous example of the goodness human kind can generate for those in need when effort is applied by one or many selfless individuals dedicated to making life better for those less fortunate.”

Dale Westrick - All American offensive tackle

Grand Valley State University

2002 NCAA Division II National Champions


"The scholarship foundation you created is a great opportunity for everyone.  You have shown that out of the kindness of your heart, one person can make a difference.  As a student, I realize the power of this program and its affect on our community to raise funds and awareness for Multiple Sclerosis.  I support this program and will help in every way that I can.  Keep up the great work."                                                               

Fransisco Bucio - 2009 Grand Rapids Community College student


"I ran across your scholarship program a couple of nights ago and cannot get it out of my head! I think what you guys are doing is amazing!  I have applied for a million scholarships (it feels like) so far, but nothing like this one.  I am really interested in raising money for MS.  Even if I do not win, at least my time went to a good cause unlike the hours I spend rewriting other scholarship essays."
Kelsey Turner
Class of 2012
South County Secondary School
Lorton, VA


"The Mary J. Szczepanski "Never Give Up" MS Scholarship program, offers and encourages the opportunity for a higher level of education, concern for the well being of others, and understanding the potential benefits and outcomes of working hard and having hope.  This is a really amazing scholarship program! It is by far, one of the best that I have seen!"

Natalie Smalley
Class of 2011
Monson High School

Monson, MA


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What a creative and kind gesture to connect Michigan and Maine through an academic math award. Catherine McAuley High School looks forward to this venture and I am certain one of our fine young women will be delighted to be the honoree."
You have developed so many opportunities to honor not only your mother but the many recipients. Your website is amazing and the range of ways you have developed to recognize people is ever so heartening. Kudos to you."
Again I thank you in the name of Catherine McAuley High School for your thoughtful donation to one of our students."
Sister Edward Mary - Principal
Catherine McAuley High School - Portland, Maine